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Ummah Channel aims to provide quality programmes for Millions of Muslims across UK and Europe. We broadcast inclusive programmes, catering for all ages, especially young people born in UK. We are focused on providing the viewers a quality line up of programmes, which will provide education, lifestyle, family entertainment, historical documentaries, Sufism, kids’ programmes, community updates, legal talk, education, entertainment and more importantly information. We also act as a platform between Muslims & non-Muslims to remove misunderstands about Islam. Our purpose is to spread peace, love and harmony across the globe. Our Mission is Simple...
Spirituality, Humanity, Morality and the promotion of knowledge on the basis Islam is at the foundation of everything we do. Our aim is to enrich viewers’ viewers’ lives through ‘free to view’ programmes which are not only educational and entertaining but also contributes towards individuals spiritual development. Our Views are Clear... • To Promote Spirituality, Humanity and Morality.
• To teach and educate all viewers regardless of their background in the true way of Islam.
• To guide individuals in fulfilling their spiritual and religious development.
• To be trusted for accuracy of content.
• To air free to view programmes in English and Urdu which are educational and entertaining.
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